I, Sara

March 10 2018    NIAGARA FALLS, ON

On Wednesday it was still February, however, it’s Friday now and it’s March. Last month, thus, I had a meeting with Time. Just a regular Wednesday night, and warn-out, exhausted Air, creeping around town. I have no reconciliation of being present, whatsoever, expect this holes in my memory, telling me different. Could it be that I was levitating? Or more so, one those sci-fi movie scenes, where my ghost exits my body and watches the skeleton move and do, without a single thought? Whatever it was, I am positive that Time didn’t exist, nor did I.

Now, it’s 10 days in the future, and I still feel like I never went back to my body. Levitating above your heads, and no idea how I got here. Words have been haunting me for days now, but whenever I sit to release them… Nothing. I’ve been watching those incredibly slow and long, quiet dramas, where nothing happens, but they tell you so much. Stories about ordinary lives and ordinary people and their hideously boring and monotone lives. They make me feel alive. I guess, it’s one of those “all artists are weird” type of fandom. But, even those films can’t get me to move. My phoenix feathers have been burned and no matter what I do, I can’t bring myself to rise up again. And believe me, I am trying my very best here.
I am everywhere. Seen. Heard. Photographed. Known.

I can’t shake this mystery cloud around my head, made from stardust and universe-wonder of how might one ordinary blonde fit into this role. I keep fighting questions. Believing the flow. Smiling.
But, 7th day into levitation, the arching pain is unbearable. This fist in my stomach, even butterflies can’t heal. So many voices in my ear, so many sentences, advice, yelling, gossip. Everybody seems to know better.

The thing is…
I am only Sara.
I only want less things and more experience.
And for godssake, some mind-like people, please.





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