C u b a

This April I finally got the chance to visit the incredible country of Cuba. This little oldie jewl of a place is breathtaking. Seeing how I left Canada in the midst of an ice storm and landed in the 30+ degrees, the first impression was honest climate shock. Seconds after, tho, I was able to say and keep repeating ” wow, I’m staying here forever”. Cuba had me at the first stop, which was a bus stop and our incredible witty guide, from airport to the resort. Time, time is something else in this place and bad wifi connection is to be extremely appreciated folks. I was annoyed a lot by it, but looking back at it now, the next opportunity   I get, I am shutting the phone completly. Everything is so still and the flow is so slow and I felt like drinking coffee should take 5 years, because that’s the way life should be. Havana, however, is something else. Reminds me a little bit of Barcelona, but only tinsy winsy bitsy, mostly just the buildings, but everything else is C u b a. On every corner there’s a bar and a mojito waiting for you to sip on, while the typical cuban band plays in the background. The big thing I took back with me, is the realization how North Americans do not know how to live and I need to escape it asap. ( I did! But more about it later). It was a nice reminder that a good company, a good drink , good food and some beach and sand is all you need. Thank you Cuba for telling me to stop, lay back, and get rid of extra. Keep checking back for  updated and my current place of living, plans, etc. For now, here are thousands of awesome photographs from beautiful Cuba. Enjoy. 



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