adventures in budapest// december

A few of us grabbed a few things, packed them into bags, rented a van, rented an air b’n’b and headed to Budapest last week.
Everyone was discouraging of our little getaway, tho.
“It’s cold”, “The boarders are crowded”, “There’s nothing to do in December”, “Don’t go”…
Gosh, that need to comment on everything, eh?
We went, of course, ‘cuz that was the plan. Budapest is 3 hours from Novi Sad, Serbia and that’s exactly how long it took us to get in front of our air b’n’b that was right in the city centre, close to the Parliament, 10 minute walk away from everything. No traffic, no waiting, no obstacles.
An amazing “Artists Flat” apartment that can fit 6 people, although there was 4 of us, awaited to be our home for the next three days. We fell in love with it instantly.
2018-12-21 14:05:47.131

2018-12-23 09:38:29.8752018-12-23 09:38:35.816

Stuff we did:
1. Christmas markets where we ate food
2. Ate food
3. Ate more food
4. Made food and then ate it
5. Went out and ate food
Food’s so filling&spicy, but so damn good. The Christmas market food is incredibly expensive, but, I guess, worth it. We had goulash in bread, Hungarian sausages, potato pie, hot apple cider with rum.. And I found amazing art by several artists selling their stuff at the market, the postcards, pictures, magnets, all covered in such incredible drawings. Such good contents is offered to browse around. We got to see three out of seven markets I believe. Budapest is really cheap, except the stuff on the Christmas markets, but that’s understandable. I loved the atmosphere in the air, with all the lights and music and tall Budapest buildings and cold (even though I hate cold), it felt nice to get lost and walk aimlessly. I was afraid it would feel too crowded for me and that people would be people and annoying, but everyone was calm and just relaxed. It was a good vibe. That’s big plus from me, because I am not so keen on big gatherings and money spending events and pushing people who are too eager to see and do everything right away. No unpleasant moments, tho. Just a really cool and good vibe. Thanks humanity for being normal for at least one weekend. The hosts or the Budapest citizens were also incredibly nice and helpful, and we got a nice smile and help everywhere we went. Maybe it was us, or just maybe, only that one weekend a magic dust fell on everyone’s heads.

2018-12-21 16:33:39.619img_55052018-12-21 16:46:20.0422018-12-21 16:52:37.156

2018-12-23 12:03:13.959

One pub left a really good impression on us, Pointer Pub, where the waiters were so cool, the drinks were great, and the pub was a weird, but good, mash up of everything. Sports, restaurant, pub, bar, fancy, local, good service, just all in one, and it was close to our air b’n’b. Not as close as the one pub with red doors and in the basement we stumbled upon while waiting for our air b’n’b host. Don’t remember the name of it. Once again another weird combination that felt cozy and welcoming. Just something about Budapest bars, I’ll tell ya. We also went out, on Saturday night, and Budapest District VII Ruin Bars has the most amazing bars, pubs and clubs. Don’t be fooled by the unappealing entrances, ‘cuz what you’ll find behind the doors is the best time of your life. We went bar hoping and each one was better than the other. And they have cider on tap, how great!

2018-12-22 23:16:18.2852018-12-22 23:16:32.790Our plan was that we didn’t have any. We only wanted to go to Budapest and chill. Walk around aimlessly, no strings attached, no mandatory ‘to see’ stuff, no nothing. We’ve all been at one point in Budapest and we saw all the touristy things, so this time we just wanted to feel the city. And we definitely did. Having an apartment rented brings it closer to you. It feels like you really live there. And not looking at the time, not rushing and not having a list lets you feel it. We mostly hanged around the bridges, centre, parliament and the Pest side. It was pretty cold and rainy, but we didn’t mind it. I think it was because of that vibe I was talking about. The cold slowed everyone down, mostly the crowd was around the markets and the rest of the city was pretty empty, so it gave us a chance to see it without distractions.

img_55282018-12-22 16:01:05.2952018-12-22 16:03:44.0372018-12-22 16:04:41.9812018-12-22 16:05:16.2212018-12-22 16:01:55.1502018-12-22 16:17:33.7712018-12-22 16:20:13.8602018-12-22 16:22:02.918

Budapest was a nice wrap up to the year. I might just start traveling like this for good.
Air b’n’b, good company, few things, no plan, and no rush. My advice to everyone.
Don’t travel to shop, travel to see. Well, and to eat food, ‘cuz food is most important, let’s be real.
Travel to eat and see 😉

Until next time, my fellow readers.
Thanks for stopping by again.
Happy holidays & New Year.
Make it a good one- be kind and caring.

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