Life of a snowed in Mermaid

Niagara Falls, ON  February 13 2018

What in the world’s hell is a mermaid doing in the queen country of snow and cold?!
I was waiting for my morning coffee to brew, and I drink filter coffee now, while the cold breeze was sneaking in through the crack of the opened window, making me shiver. All white everything, as far as the eye can see and a lie of a Sun blinding the truth, making it seem like it’s another beautiful morning. Meanwhile, my porch is all ice, and I have to watch my step every time I dare to open the doors, and try to not fall and break my fragile skinny legs. As I sip on my coffee, watching daily vlogs, icicles are falling down from my roof, bursting into tiniest pieces down on the ground, making a glass-breaking noice and I turn around every time to see what the noice is.
Yesterday, I was at a gas station. Forgot my gloves, so I had be careful not to leave my hand on the handle as I waited for the tank to fill up. I overheard a silly conversation of a woman named Macey and a lumberjack Joe.
“Hello Macey, how you doin’? ”
” I am good. How you doin’ Joe?”
“Good good. It’s freezing” Said he in just his flannel shirt on minus 12, casually pouring gas.
“Hang in there Joe, spring is coming”.
Ah Macey, you naive creature. This place knows nothing about spring, and such thing won’t come in a million years.  As the sharp wind was cutting my face, I indulge in a silent giggle. Finally the tank is full, and I rush inside to pay and get myself out of the open gas station, that’s viciously always a few degrees colder and under the attack of most sharpest wind.
My problems seem funny even to me, when put in words, but I am having a hard time laughing in reality. After the gas station, I was running away from the snowplow. I ventured to get the post from our mailbox located down the street, as the snowplow appeared around the corner. As I was trying to exit my driveway, covered in slush and ice and snow, he speeded next to me, making an even bigger barricade. I got to the mailbox and he did as well. I waited for him to pass, as he made yet another slushy and disgusting pile in front of me. I stepped deep into it, my feet all wet, and all I wanted was to get my mail. In Canada, even that is an adventure, if you are being stalked and purposely tortured by a snowplow. A few cars that were parked on the street got what they “deserved” as well, as the snowplow splattered them with slush and covered the wheels. Got luck to the driver’s. However, that’s the last time I go and get the mail. See you in spring bills, I ain’t paying double price anymore.
My vision is blurry, giving me a difficult time to see life properly. I can’t tell you what’s happening in the city, as my path is always straightforward. From point A to point B, as fast as possible, with as little damage as possible. Things around are just distractions. On beautiful summer days I am very much in love with every possible distraction out there… In winter, I am blind and weak.
So this life of mine, as a Mermaid, is not a life, but an anxious waiting. Waiting for green, for yellow, for hot and bare. Waiting for summer and a plane ticket to get back home, where my tail works properly and a silent giggle is not a cry for help, but a celebration of life.
Find me waiting, I’ll be there, snowed in, for a while.


Ćao Ćao

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