Whatever happened to Burlesque?

Niagara Falls, ON February 12 2018

I admit, growing up I have never heard of a word Burlesque, let a long knew what it was. People grow up, expand knowledge, change likes. I did all of that.
I first heard of Burlesque in association with beautiful Marilyn Monroe, but not to sugar-coat my life, I only became interested in it after watching the same named movie “Burlesque” with ladies called Cher and Christina. No shame in admitting my poor knowledge and a not so proud source of it… but I’m only human. To be fair, I did grow up in Eastern Europe. Serbian’s are more about go-go dancers than burlesque ones.  And hey, I did do my thorough research after it. Boy oh boy, did I like what I found.
This restaurant where I work now, as a cashier, made me think about Burlesque more. Think, as in, think about how great it would be to have a place on weekend nights, where the  scene is mystical, the music is majestic and the experience is “you have to see it to believe it”. The restaurant is this Brazilian Steakhouse experience, where there are beautiful and fabulous girls, in Brazilian costumes dancing every weekend as you sit and stuff yourself on endless amount of meat. Now, that’s all great, I actually like it and it’s pretty popular; BUT, whatever happened to Burlesque?
Niagara Falls is pretty much a strip-club- kind-of-guy, but if I asked enough people, I am sure everyone would be into a grand new opening of a Burlesque club, where girls are classy and there’s still a bit of mystery left in the world. Let’s face it, naked was never in. I can picture it so vividly, lines of people in front of the doors waiting for a spot to open and to get inside and see it. There’s nothing more sexy than showing just enough of skin to make you wonder. With the right moves, music and dimmed lights, there’s would be no better spot to be at. Burlesque club would be a place to see and be seen.  Am I right?
Just picture it. The gentlemen in their best suits and shoes, and the ladies in the most elegant dresses and pearl necklaces, sipping on Cosmopolitans and all is right in the world… For some reason I keep thinking Burlesque would bring back some of that lost ‘glam’ in both men and women. You know, the classy way of life and not so much trashy, like it is nowdays. Call me a fool, but I love a good curl and pearl, instead of a big hoop. And of course, a great-great band and singers would perform every weekend, and that would be a kind-of-gig to put on your resume.
Needless to say that this club  needs to be happening A S A P or else… I am desperate for a good night out, because this Niagara Falls lifestyle is stripping away all the good in me. I am hanging on my last strap here, trying to survive in this naked and trashy city, Burlesque where you at???


Ćao Ćao


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