It’s still January?!

Niagara Falls, ON January 31 2018

Once upon a time there was a girl. Oh, wait- that’s me.
Well, it’s about time I introduce myself properly to you guys. All filters down, no travel adventures and glamours sites, just me and my laptop on a cold and snowy Wednesday morning. Did I mention it’s still January?
This might not be a kind of post you get all excited about, or the one with cool pictures. I’m just here to talk. So, let’s start.
Surprise, surprise there’s a bunch of snow in front of my house, in my backyard, on the streets, well… everywhere. Just last night I thought about the fact that it totally sucks, all this cold and snow and minuses, when I realized- IT’S STILL January!
Come ooooon, how long can a month be? I can’t even remember New Years’s, and it happened this month.  I am trying so hard not to depress over this, because February is coming, I’ve got a call today. Should be at the doors tomorrow. Well, fingers crossed, am I right?
What is it about me and winter and why don’t we get along… Is it just me or are there more of you fighting the urge to scream the life out of you, hoping it would scare the cold? What my life has come down to is endless tv shows and occasional drop by the work, just to give my bed some time to miss me.
On Friday, while at work, I was trying to summon Superman to break through ceiling, grab me and save me from my misery, taking me up to the Moon where we would have a picnic. Now, that would be a good story to tell. My co-worker told me I am crazy, but come one? What’s wrong with a little day-dreaming to make sure the dullness of Niagara Falls in the winter doesn’t kill your spirit. Thus, normally, I continued to describe my face as I would see Superman flying in, telling everyone to remain calm, as he is there just to pick me up. Ha! To pick ME up, just a girl, just a cashier. Talk about just another casual Friday night! Except, I was rudely interrupted by a server, who asked me for a bill for table 7. Excuse me, can’t you see I am in the middle of being picked up by a Superman? Of course, I couldn’t say that, they already think I am crazy. So, yes, you guessed it, unfortunately I just printed her the bill for table 7. But then, Superman, patient enough to wait for me to print the bill, grabbed me by my waist and said ” Come on, let’s go to the Moon”. I screamed “Sara’s outta here” as we flew back up through the ceiling, with all eyes fixed on us… Pouf.
Don’t judge me, at least I had fun for about three minutes, and then I was back at Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse restaurant, printing bills and doing a lot of math. Doing that much math, that by the end of the night, faces turned into numbers, and pretty much everything was blurred and I just wanted to burn my calculator and grab the cash and run.
I didn’t do it.
Ah Sara, you are so weak. 
I was back at the same place Saturday night, with things pretty much the same as yesterday. And then again on Sunday. Round and round we go.
I like to think that there’s still a possibility for Superman to break through that roof and take me away to the galaxy, where there are no calculators  and eating comes without a big bill. But, until then I’m gonna keep putting my best outfits on and patiently waiting at that cashier station, just minding my business and doing my math.  The same math that last time I had in school, I was 15 and decided books and words are my thing and not numbers. Jokes’ on me, ha?


Ćao Ćao

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