Vàl-David, Quebéc, Canada

Thinking about this place right now, wishing I could transport there, so I figured a new travel blog is happening. This is the only way for me to revisit Val-David at the moment.
Around this time, but last year I visited Val-David & the area with friends and family. We rented out the most beautiful forest cabin there is. The chalets’ name was Le Sculptural – a part of several cabins from Exit Chalets – magnificent and unique architectural homes designed and built by sculptor Robert Lachance. We were a large group of 10 people & had the best time staying in this chalet, with so much space for everyone to both have fun times together & have room to isolate and relax. The nature around it breathtaking, with beautiful paths to walk & with the little town just 1km down the hill. It’s got that real& authentic Canada vibes, with its glorious nature and vast landscape, enormous forest trees & sky as far as the eye see. The fall colours in Canada are my favourite, better than any fall colour anywhere, I can guarantee you that, they are so warm and cozy, and wrap you up in the biggest, lovable hug you could get in the fall.
Not very far away from Val-David, there is another magical little place Mont-Tremblant. We only spent a couple of hours there, had beavertails ( mmmmmm, yes please, I want one now) and climbed up the hill to see the view. Such a cozy little place, in which you simple get lost, forget about the world around you, forget about anything really, and you are only left with speechless staring into the beautiful nature and views. There is also, half way the climb, a hidden waterfall, which we heard while climbing and had to stop and see where the sound is coming from. Oh my god, what a hidden gem! I was just so overwhelmed with emotions of happiness and gratefulness to be able to be there and just exist next to that scenic and breathtaking views. Sometime i just wish I could melt into the nature and be it, like be the trees and be the ground I walk on. I guess in a way we are, but life just took so so far away from that feeling and I try to remind myself everyday about it.
We are nature.
Even though I am 100% a summer child, I truly enjoy each season in its own way, and autumn is a close one I must admit. For some reason I get so inspired by it and I just want to do everything, but at the same time also just take it all in, in stillness. How do I put that feeling into words? Will have to figure that one out.
In any case, I wondered off a little bit, but the point of this blog was to inspire you to take a break, rend a cabin and stay still deep in the forest.
We are nature and we should remind ourselves of that everyday, before the VR takes over 😉

Enjoy these photos now.

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