Dubai; hot or not?


Hi there.
I come back with a warm story. I visited so-talked-about Dubai.
I’ll start with an unpopular opinion, which might drive you away from this text, but I gotta say it.
It’s such an unnecessary city. It’s the Capitol of Hunger Games. It’s the epicenter of global warming. It’s a wasteland. It’s a big luna park. Not a city. 

Soak that in.

Okay, well, now I will explain this rather odd and savage opinion, so you decide if I’m right or totally wrong.
Here’s the story;
I am from Serbia, and it’s currently very popular among youngsters of our tiny country to seek career life outside, in other better-developed countries. Well, actually, I think everywhere in the world, this is the case. Although, they don’t actually have to leave Serbia, we humans usually tend to believe the grass is greener on the other side. So they leave, they go to get that money, to live a better life. Whatever that is. Me, myself, I left too, so I put myself in the “delusional” category as well. There are of course sooooo many different reasons and occasion to each individual leaving its home and seeking different and better. The way life is the right one, we can, so we are curious. Of course, my belief is that we should see everything if we can, but in the end, you are who you are, and your home is only one, whether you like it, want it or no. Everyone wants to come back, eventually. If only…
If only the economy was better.
If only we did this like they do that.
If only this was like there is.
It’s pretty much a never-ending circle of being at two places at once. And to be honest, I wouldn’t know where is better. It’s all the same, with a slight change in details. At the end of the day, I just realize it’s all in my head. Right now, I am both Canadian as much as I am Serbian. I moved back home after 6 years, ‘cuz no reason. I feel more comfortable with my thoughts here, I guess. And it’s really cold in Canada, I just don’t do cold. I really do not do c o l d. The point is, we keep running, thinking it’s better elsewhere. But, we all come back to the same thing. Wherever we go, we try to make it like home. I know that for sure, because pretty much most of my family and friends are now all over the world ( literally), from Australia to Canada. And, they all say it’s great where they are, but it’s not home. We are like trees, can’t live without our roots, and when we leave home, we leave our roots. It’s hard then to grow them back in a new place.
I am a big travel lover. BIG. I want to see every little corner of this Planet Earth. I want to see how people live in different parts of the world. I want to see it all. So, I don’t judge those who seek a “better life”. It works out great for me because I get to go to all those places, visit people I love and travel for cheap. Which brings me to this Dubai story.
My best friend is working and living in Dubai at the moment. He works for the Emirates as a cabin crew. And he invited my boyfriend and me to come to visit him and see Dubai. 10 years ago, I would not even think to visit Dubai, let alone be able to. So, there are perks to this need to seek “better life” 😉
I have to mention, as well, that another 3 friends of ours work for the Emirates as well, and they all live now in the same building.

That is reason number 1, why we decided to go to Dubai.

2019-01-28 14:04:35.2112019-01-29 11:57:47.501

We haven’t seen each other for two and a half years. I was in Canada, my boyfriend in Serbia and our friend in Dubai. All in all, a whole lot of time differences and not being able to figure it out, or how time works or life for that matter. But, let’s not talk about that. So, once I moved back to Serbia, 6 months ago, he told us he’s gonna book our tickets and that’s that. We are coming.
So, that was easy. We already had plane tickets and a place to crash and eat all of his food, he he he 😉
What else you need, but a suitcase and some stuff thrown inside. All set. Let’s go.
Okay, I am bad at packing, so that wasn’t easy as I might have portrayed it. I was actually packing the night before and I went mad, ‘cuz summer clothes is so fun and I want to bring it all, ‘cuz I don’t know how to choose stuff in advance, so I just packed whatever I found, ‘cuz I gave up on planning outfits. After that, I realized I am done with shopping and buying anything for the next 5 years. And yes, I did not buy a single piece of clothing for probably 6 months and I am so proud. You should try it.
Off topic, so back to the story.

The reason number 2, why we decided to go to Dubai, is because we are both lovers of travel and travel life, and both, my boyfriend and I, love to see and experience new stuff. We both like to see it for ourselves and then decide whether we like, or not, or if it’s good or bad, etc.

And the reason number 3, was because it was winter in Serbia, with a LOT of snow and temperatures were in the minuses, so we just really needed some sun and hot air and beach life. Mainly, because I am ocean&beach&sea fanatic, and won’t rest until I live by one.

2019-01-28 23:55:05.683

So, now that you know our reasons for decided to go visit Dubai, let me continue explaining the savage opinion from the beginning.

Once we arrived, the very first minute and the very first step onto the land of Dubai, we were hit by glamour and luxury. I felt like I’ve stepped into the brochure from some luxury life magazine. It was uncanny.
It felt unnatural for me to be there. The airport is just too big and rich-looking for no reason. From the very first minute, they scream at you, “look at us” we have all your money, we are rich”. Basically, you realize right there that you’ve stepped into a big pile of money and it feels dirty and wrong.
Don’t get me wrong, it looks good. It looks really really good. But unnecessary.
I don’t travel to such destinations ever, so the shock hit me even harder, than probably the rest of you, who might have encountered luxury travel. I’ve had opportunities, but it’s just not my cup of tea. It feels wrong and I feel stupid and awkward having driver’s wait for me and drive me in very expensive cars that I pay a LOT of money, again, for no reason. Which is what happened the next minute, once we got out of the airport, we were greeted by our Uber diver, in a suit, waiting for us, with some type of an expensive black car, I don’t know which one, ‘cuz I don’t really care at all.
But, seeing my best friend after 3 years, all that was only a minute of my thoughts, because I was then preoccupied with being happy to finally see him.  He, on the other hand, fit perfectly into the city.

At the Emirates Cabin Crew Building, where they all live, we were greeted with a delicious dinner and mojitos.  After a few of them, we passed out in a really comfy bed.

2019-01-29 03:42:33.374

I never count the nights, if we arrive late somewhere new, so morning is when it all starts for me. Fresh, rested and ready to explore. Man oh man, and what did the morning bring to me this time. Up, on the 22nd floor, a view of a desert and a smell of something entirely different from what my senses know. I needed a cup of coffee to get familiar with this new world.
Now, this I like. Very much.
Things were starting to look up for Dubai. Coffee, sun, old friends and a balcony with a view.

2019-01-29 11:56:46.206
Uhhhhhhhhh. Just how I like it.

Now, you know how you get all excited the first day? You are there. It’s all new. The world is yours!
Well, I do. So, the first day was amazing. It started off slowly, catching up (it’s been 3 years after all), two coffees, amazing breakfast.
Then we decided to go to the beach, because that’s all I care about in life, so…
We took an Uber and went to La Mer beach. It blew me away. It might have been the overwhelming happiness of finally putting my bare feet in the sand and smelling the ocean, but everything seemed just perfect at that moment. We dipped ourselves in a little bit of cold water, but it felt so refreshing. Nobody was swimming, because it is a “wintertime” in Dubai. Not sure how 27C is winter, but okay, sure Dubai.
During the sunset, we sat down in a beach bar, for a cup of coffee and some nargila.
This part of Dubai is really pretty and reminds me of some European coast side because everything was inspired by European beach vibes. Pretty, but also plastic- it was film set. I could feel that thing don’t belong there and they were forcefully put. It felt like a film set. Pretty, but plastic.
We took a walk around La Mer and sat down in a Greek restaurant for some salmon salad and gyros. It was so delicious and the portions are huge, I couldn’t finish my meal. All in all, I thought it was a pretty good first day, thanks to the company, not so much the city itself. Later, at home, we drank mojitos again and continued with catching up, until we all passed out. First days are the best, if only every day was the first day. Although, sometimes, the second day is not all that bad either.
Anyhow, I remember this first day very vividly, while the rest of the days all collapse into each other and I can’t really tell specifically what we did each day. I know for sure that the rest of the days we spent being basic tourist, visiting something new each day, spending a lot of my money on taxi and uber rides, attractions, and the rest of our money on food. Food is amazing in Dubai, although, it doesn’t differ from any Canadian/American restaurant I’ve eaten in, besides this one restaurant that has typical Arabian food and it’s located in the old Dubai. Now, that was a meal I will always remember. We went to old Dubai on our last day, and it was quite a shock to see it, after days of skyscrapers and luxurious and rich things, Old Dubai is a really really really small cube in the middle of the ‘other’ Dubai, that somehow got saved from becoming another skyscraper. There we saw the original desert Dubai houses made from sand and mock-ups of how people used to live here, when it was just sand everywhere. That was the moment when it hit me, I was in the middle of the dessert. Even though a few days before visiting Old Dubai, we went on a Dessert Safari, I didn’t have a full concept of being in the desert, because the entire day was planned for us and it felt like they took us to a luna park and not the actual dessert. Also sand surfing or however it is called when a crazy car driver starts to surf sand dunes is the worst thing in the world, and I don not recommend it whatsoever. I thought I would die and it’s just bad, really bad. Another bad thing on that dessert safari are the poor camels who are being abused by tourists who just want that picture on a camel. I couldn’t go though with it, because as soon as I got close to them, I saw the pain in their eyes, it was horrible. Of course we were the only ones who didn’t ride the camels, and the rest of the 200 hundred people, only that day, did. They all got that picture. Anyhow, seeing this old town and a glimpse of how they used to live, it seemed like million thousand light years ago and I realized I was in a whole other world apart from my own.

It’s been a year now that we visited Dubai, and almost a year that I started writing this blog in the first place. A lot has happened in between and I’ve seen some new places, which I liked a lot more than Dubai, but still I keep talking about it for some reason, hence the return to this blog. It just felt like it needs to be finished. When I talk about it now-days to the people, I always say it is cool to see it and visit, but that I hate it and I wish it didn’t exist. It’s weird to be honest, and even now, a year later I don’t know how to phrase it. Essentially, it is the dawn of the ages, the end of non-materialistic ( also non-existent) world, it is the core of destruction and everything wrong with new ages and generations, but who am I to fight it?
I just wish it didn’t all have to be the same. It doesn’t have to be all like the West or look like one another. The biggest impression I bring with me from Dubai is the old Dubai and the history of this piece of land, this dessert. I realize they think they have succeeded and that they have risen from the sand, the biggest and the best, but at what cost?
To climb Burj Khalifa for 50 euros, or to drink beer for 20 euros? To wear brands and say look at us, we are rich. Well, then, congratulations, you really have succeeded, and Dubai has become a postcard for material, self-centered, things-obsessed, money craving creatures, who are blinded with sparkle this city gives. There is so many fake rules and fake people pretending to follow those fake rules. I was just confused as to what do they stand for and fight for, besides money. Or is that a legit fight, and nothing else matters? I just think that it would be a bigger hit it they burned it all down, and rebuilt the old Dubai, offering tourist something they haven’t seen and not having McDonalds, Costa Coffee, one billion shopping malls with all the same stores I have seen in every city around the world that I’ve been in. Honestly, if you have that much money, then be a little creative. All my pictures are amazing though, precisely because of the glamour of the city, but just because something is pretty, doesn’t mean it’s good. I was happy there, despite this hateful opinion, because I had good people to share a drink with and a night out, and play some cards and goof around with, and because of that- okay Dubai you get one tiny star, but you don’t deserve it one bit. Awful city.

I know no one agrees with me, but besides the Sun burning and heating up the desert up to 70 degrees celsius, there is nothing else hot about Dubai.

And that is how I feel about it.
Enjoy some more pictures and don’t visit Dubai.

Thanks for reading me.
Until next time.

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